Eco-justice and Peace on the Island of Ireland and Beyond

Event description: 

June 2, 2022

Online at 12-2pm EDT

Celebrating Irish School of Ecumenics at 50 Webinar Series, Floreat ut Pereat


Frances Flannery
Matt Williams
Karen Jeffares
Zand Craig
Jacob Erickson

Chaired by Gillian Kingston

Over the last decades, several links between eco-justice, and peace have been identified by grassroots, civil society movements, policy circles, academia, and faith communities, as in the case of Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) initiatives by the world ecumenical movement. As we experience the precariousness of our world, as reflected by human and ecological crises, the need for collaboration, to tackle direct and structural violence, is increasingly highlighted. However, in many conflict-affected societies, including the island of Ireland, historical and ongoing sectarianism, caused by political, ideological, ethnic, and economic divides, continues to affect our sense of solidarity in addressing these global level crises. This Irish School of Ecumenics at 50 roundtable webinar focuses on the challenges and opportunities for eco-justice and peace on the island of Ireland and beyond, and how to create a sustainable platform for dialogue and cooperation across the divides. In this webinar, chaired by Gillian Kingston, we are fortunate to draw on the depth of wisdom and range of expertise embodied in our contributors: Frances Flannery (James Madison University), Matt Williams (Jubilee Farm), Karen Jeffares (Síolta Chroí), Zand Craig (Sophoi), Jacob Erickson (Trinity College Dublin).

This webinar, ‘Eco-justice and Peace on the Island of Ireland and Beyond’ is part of the webinar series to celebrate the Irish School of Ecumenics – ISE at 50. ISE was founded in 1970 by Fr. Michael Hurley, with a vision of a place where people from diverse backgrounds and disciplinary perspectives could explore the meaning and possibilities of peace and reconciliation together. ISE continues to uphold Fr. Hurley’s vision as an academic institute in Trinity College Dublin.

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