Deeptime Leadership & Personal Empowerment Program

Event description: 

September 22, 2021

Beginning September 22nd, the Deeptime Network will offer a nine-month program on Deeptime Leadership & Personal Empowerment. Deeptime Network draws on the work of Thomas Berry and Journey of the Universe, among other sources.

Presenters include Stephan Martin, Brian Swimme, Ursula Goodenough, Coleen & Duane Elgin, Gail Worcelo, Herman Greene, Robert Athickal, Yona Frenchhawk, Matt Cobb, Mary Evelyn Tucker, and many others.

The program offers a certificate and professional development hours, and it includes three modules:

1. Introducing the New Cosmology
2. Applying the New Cosmology
3. Deeptime Leadership Practicum.

Join the full program or individual modules. Learn more here.