Climate Migration

Event description: 

September 11, 18, & 25, 2021

Online event hosted by Lexington Theological Seminary’s Lay School of Theology

Together we will explore the intersection of climate change, migration and theology. Through stories, photographs, art and reflection we will think about why migration is not just a human right, but a theological mandate especially as we reckon with our Western impact on the earth. With the borders of our own country, we will look at how US communities can be prepared for and be hospitable to the hundreds of thousands of Americans who will increasingly have to leave their home communities because of wildfire, hurricane damage or drought. We will ask what our theological commitments are that position us at this time and at this place to work to aid climate migrants and refugees. Join me as we look into justice practices at the intersection of climate change and migration.

This Lay School Series will be presented by Dr. Emily Askew, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology. Go here to read more about Dr. Askew.

Please plan to attend all classes, as each lesson builds upon the preceding one.

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