American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting

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November 21-24, 2015

Atlanta, GA, USA

Submission deadline: March 2, 2015.  

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Religion and Ecology Workshop

Journey of the Universe: Hope for the Future

Friday, November 20, 2015
2:00 PM-5:00 PM

Hilton Crystal Ballroom CD

Heather Eaton, Saint Paul University, Nancy Menning, Ithaca College, and Mary Evelyn Tucker, Yale University, Presiding

Journey of the Universe narrates the history of the cosmos in a mythic mode richly informed by contemporary science, bringing religion and science together in compelling ways. In this workshop we will explore the pedagogical potential of this universe story, at the cosmological as well as more localized scales. We will examine the ways in which this narrative shapes our understanding of the long arc of history, defines our human place in the grander ecological or cosmological journey, and suggests possibilities for ethical action. The goal of the workshop is to strengthen our capacity to awaken awe and wonder in the classroom with implications for our students’ capacity to participate effectively in much-needed environmental activism. Focusing on hope and working with the Journey of the Universe curricular materials we will develop skills in analyzing the emotional resonance of this narrative structure, the ways the materials will engage students, and how this contributes to an effective pedagogy.

The cost for the workshop is $35, which includes the entire afternoon of sessions and a coffee break. Registration is limited to the first 120 participants.

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