“A Global Earthday Each Week” Celebration

Event description: 

April 20, 2021

Online event at 5-6pm Pacific Time

Global Earthday Weekly will be marking 181 weeks on April 20, 2021. From November 14, 2017 to April 20, 2021, the Universe Story Calendar Initiative community has evolved each Tuesday into a Global Earthday through honoring, respecting, and reverencing with awe and wonder our common home, Earth.

Please join the Universe Story Calendar Initiative community on Tuesday, April 20 from 5-6pm Pacific Time.

This year we welcome to this Celebration:

• Elizabeth McAnally to share music, meditation, and honoring Indigenous lands
• Chris Montesano to share his 365 days a year garden plan in his front yard
• Thomas Spiritbringer to share his Global Earthday Weekly each Tuesday vision

Now is our time to “Ramp it Up!” by declaring a Global Earthday Weekly each Tuesday! Through story, song, and practices you can apply immediately, we will celebrate our home, our planet we call Earth. This is an opportunity for individuals, couples, families and groups to set up one specific day, Tuesday, each week to work for Earth justice, Earth education, and Earth celebration going forward. You can find more info about the Earthday Weekly Project at www.TheUniverseStoryCalendar.org.