4th of July Webinar

Event description: 

July 4, 2024

Online at 1pm ET

How do we engage with Independence Day?

Can we possibly honor this holiday without deepening into the roots of the expressed values of independence, freedom, and happiness… which were very much inspired by the European settlers' indigenous neighbors?

Join Sequoia Samanvaya for this critical cross-cultural conversation  about the origins of America and of democracy.   We will get into some of what actually happened, some of the structures and governance and symbols, and collaboratively think about the implications and possibilities of re-narrating this important history to create better futures.

This gathering is divided into 3 rounds:

The First Round: We start with initial storytelling from people in the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and a descendant of a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

The Second Round: We hear from several respondents about the implications of these stories in their line of work.

The Third Round: We open the conversation to you, participants willing to engage in dialogue with dignity.

These are critical conversations for eco-spirituality and governance. It is of relevance for all spiritual leaders, both in and out of America, who understand the links between ecology, religion, and governance, and want to go deeper into both decolonial and collaborative approaches to these histories and these future possibilities.

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