15th John Cobb Common Good Award Ceremony

Event description: 

June 9, 2023

Online at 9-10pm EDT

The John Cobb Common Good Award is the world's most prestigious prize for ecological civilization. The award is named after John B. Cobb, Jr., one of today’s most important ecological thinkers and is given to those who promote this hope in effective and remarkable ways. We hereby present the 15th John Cobb Common Good Award to Dr. Yan Shi, co-president of International CSA Network, Young Global Leaders in 2016. In recognition of her more than 10 years' remarkable dedication to the organic community-supported agriculture (CSA) movement in China. Through her actions, she has endowed academic achievement with practical significance and revitalized the meaning of labor. Together with her colleagues, she is transforming the work of farmers into a source of pride, the field of agriculture into a respected vocation, and rural areas into centers of aspiration and innovation.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker

Topic: Cultivating Nature; Nurturing Society: Integral Ethics for Humans and the Earth

This event is free to the public. The Institute for Postmodern Development of China, Cobb
Institute, Center for Process Studies, Institute for Ecological Civilization, Budapest Center for
Long-term Sustainable Development, etc, cosponsored this event.

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