Here is a list of sites for further exploration and investigation. This list is by no means exhaustive. For more, see the Engaged Projects page. The Forum on Religion and Ecology does not support or endorse any organizations listed here or in the Engaged Projects. Links are provided as possible research opportunities.



Hinduism and Ecology Links

Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative
ENVIS Center on Conservation of Ecological Heritage and Sacred Sites of India
10 Hindu Environmental Teachings, by Pankaj Jain

Sustainability and Contemplative Civilization: The Integral Vision of Sri Aurobindo
(2023 Conference at the California Institute of Integral Studies)

General Hinduism Links

Pluralism Project

News Articles

In India, Indigenous Tribes Clash With the Government Over Trees

Header photo: Flowers for the evening aarti ritual at Dasaswamedh Ghat on the banks of the River Ganges at Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh