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GIWA has been implementing the acclaimed Swarovski WaterSchool programme in the Ganga-Himalayas for the last several years. By coming together for WaterSchool, a new generation is being motivated and enabled to become caring stewards of the world around them through the benefits of improved Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH). The team travels from school to school with portable demonstration kits, water testing kits, hand-outs and activities materials. In addition, teacher workshops and special events help promote a cleaner, greener, healthier world by enabling teachers, students, and community members to lead the change they wish to see.


More than 4000 students in 35 schools have received full new WASH Facilities including clean toilets, water tanks and handwashing stations with the number reaching nearly 40 schools and 5500 students by summer 2022. Nearly 10,000 students have been educated about water and how to protect it in their classrooms in 70 schools. They've learned critical issues of water conservation and how to become water protectors and ambassadors of change in the community. Approximately 4,500 children in 27 schools now have access to clean, safe, and private toilets. 4,500 students in 46 schools have received provision of clean water in their school. Nearly 5,000 Students in 35 schools have Hand Washing Station Facilities in 35 schools. These nearly 10,000 students have taken this knowledge to their homes and communities thereby influencing a wave of behavior change amongst their people. With the assumption that a family consists of a minimum of four members, these messages may have reached nearly 40,000 people.

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School children learning about clean water, sanitation, and the importance of trees