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Evangelical Churches Fellowship of Ethiopia (ECFE)
Evangelical Churches Fellowship of Ethiopia (ECFE)
Community Forest
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The Community Forest Project began in 2020 and will continue through 2022. It reaches a target population of 980,000 and offers capacity-building and environmental protection by engaging community members and religious leaders in tree-planting efforts. To date, the project has planted 163,000 trees. The Community Forest Project does not have a website, but anyone who wants to learn more about the project or receive a copy of the annual report, may contact the project lead at


In the past two years, the Community Forest Project has trained 960 people in tree-planting practices and the challenges of climate change.  The project is active in 6 towns across Ethiopia: Hawasa, Arbaminch, Wonji, Wolenchiti, Metehara and Nekemte  people. In order to extend the reach of the effort, information is shared using two local fm radio stations that can be heard by the thousands of people living in 100 km radius of the western and southern parts of the country.

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This photo is a one-year-old picture of trees planted in row in a church compound.This photo is a young one-year old mango tree in a church compound, fenced to protect it from animals.