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This environmental project faciliatates the planting of trees as a form of "Sadaqah Jariyah" (a voluntary, continuous donation), which, according to Islamic teachings, blesses both the giver and recipients in this life and in the thereafter. Greening Friday gatherings are a unique annual activity that takes place every second Friday of the holy month of Ramadan. On those days, the khutbah (sermon) in the mosques focuses on the relationship of Islam with the earth, urging all to adhere to what the Quran and the Hadiths say about the environment. After prayers, the planting of trees and distribution of seedlings takes place. The tradition of Greening Fridays has spread to institutions of learning like Makerere University Business school (MUBS), Kampala University, as well as prisons throughout Uganda.


At the Greening Friday gathering in 2022, the project gave out 3,100 tree seedlings, both fruit and indigenous plants, to Muslims who attended prayers. Since 2010, this project has lead to the planting of 250,000 trees

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Greening Friday 2022 at the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council. The Executive Director of Uganda's National Enviroment Management Authority (NEMA) plants a symbolic tree with Hajjat Sebyala, director of Energizing Solutions, along with other supreme council dignitaries.Press coverage e- news for the 13th greening Friday that took place on 15th April 2022