India One Solar Thermal Power Plant

Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative
India One Solar Thermal Power Plant
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This innovative power plant supplies electricity for the Brahma Kumaris headquarters in Abu Road, Rajasthan, India which supports a total capacity of 25,000 people. These are indigenously developed paraboloid concentrators with static focus and storage for continuous direct super-heated steam generation. The construction and maintenance enabled creation of local employment & capacity building in rural areas of Rajasthan, India. Natural, yogic farming is practiced for ecosystem restoration.


Since this community has been active, they have planted 7 thousand trees, hosted 1 million visitors yearly, and provided technical training for hundreds of people. In the energy initiative, they have achieved the following: - 1 MW peak electrical output continuously for 24 hours - 770 no's of 60 sqm paraboloid, static focus reflectors - Automatic network-enabled dual-axis tracking mechanism - 770 no's of static cast iron cavity receivers for 16 hrs thermal storage - Direct superheated steam generation @ 1 lakh kWhrs of thermal energy storage

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India One Solar Power PlantIndia One Solar Thermal Power Plant - row of reflectors and receivers