Ecoliteracy for Imams

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Ecoliteracy for Imams
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This projects stems from the belief that Friday sermons are one of the effective means to reach out to thousands of adult citizens and residents in the country. The sermons will blend the scientific and spiritual (that is mentioned in Qur'an and Hadith) message to the public. The message will explain the delicate balance of our ecosystems and living with harmony (nature) is the way forward for a better future. A carefully structured program will provide an overview of environmental issues across the world to the Imaams in non-scientific language. The program uses both visual and non-visual format to explain the interconnectedness of our ecosystems and how human activities harm the environment.


In 2019, the program began with 10 mosques and reached 500-700 people. The project will continue in 2022 and will rotate between different mosques.

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