Panch Mahabhutah Shanti Yatra (Eco-Devalya)

Aham Brahmasmi
Panch Mahabhutah Shanti Yatra (Eco-Devalya)
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Through its Yatra (journey) initiative, the Aham Brahmasmi group aims to implement the "Apah Shanti" and "Vanaspati Shanti" projects (under UNEP Faith for Earth Initiative). These projects are designed to transform the Sanatan Devalaya (Hindu Temples) into Eco-Devalya. Every week, the Yatra will visit Temples of any one district of India and organize workshops, tree planting projects, and awareness campaigns about ecosystem restoration for the followers and surrounding communities. At each destination, training will be provided to priests, temple management committees, and worshipers to provide education about pollution, waste management, climate change, energy efficiency, and agricultural practices. The guardianship of newly planted tress will be given to the local residents.


This project began on 03 May 2022, and will be completed after 748 weeks (one week for each district). The impact or success will depend upon many factors including size and population density of the district. It is too early to estimate the projection of the success of the project.

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