Panch Mahabhutah Shanti (Eco-Vatika)

Aham Brahmasmi
Panch Mahabhutah Shanti (Eco-Vatika)
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In Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism), there are religious teachings and directions for daily worship of Panch Mahabhutah (five elements including Earth, Water, Air, Sky, and Fire) which directly affect the health of Earth's atmosphere. Humankind has an important responsibility to protect and promote the Panch Mahabhutas, but due to ignorance, humans are causing pollution and extinction instead. Through the Panch Mahabhutah Shanti project, the Aham Brahmasmi group is working to educate everyone about ecological care and restoration. Under this initiative, the group develops Eco-Vatika’s (gardens/groves) in different cities of India and is increasing awareness amongst the youth and citizens about the pollution, climate, and ecosystem crises.


Through the Panch Mahabhutah Shanti project, participants have committed to plant 4.5 lakhs (450,000) trees every year in every district of India by 2031. The project also provides training to 17,435,578 followers of 15,708 Hindu organizations.

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