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Indigenous Ecologies - Fall 08 (Treat)

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Course Title

Indigenous Ecologies - Fall 08


James Treat
University of Illinois


Religious Studies, Anthropology, Environmental Studies, Geography

Subject(s) Religion and Ecology

This is an interdisciplinary seminar exploring the relationship between human experience and natural environment in indigenous communities, with particular attention to the religious basis for ecological traditions among native North Americans. Assigned readings focus on historical and contemporary case studies, including noteworthy examples of adaptation in the context of settler colonialism and in response to the dominant paradigm of scientific ecology. Class discussions are supplemented by audiovisual materials, guest speakers, campus events, and web-based assignments. Students have the opportunity to gain a basic understanding of indigenous ecologies; to conduct research on a relevant theme, issue, region, or community; and to develop their critical skills for use in educational, professional, and personal settings.


See PDF here.