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Environmental Visions and Environmentalism (Swearer)

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Course Title

Environmental Visions and Environmentalism


Donald K. Swearer
Swarthmore College


Environmental Studies

Subject(s) Environmental Studies, Humanities

The purpose of the course is to integrate humanistic, social science, and science perspectives on the environment. In particular, the course will study examples of writings on nature and on the environment by humanists, and examine selected economic, political, and technical issues in the literature on environmentalism, namely, conservation, pollution, sustainability, and development. In a broad sense the seminar will expose students to different ways of seeing, constructing, and acting in relationship to the natural environment and its human and animal inhabitants. In the process you will be introduced to examples of the wide variety of literature in the broad field of environmental studies, e.g. the prose essay, the philosophical essay, poetry, analytical articles in the fields of political science, economics, and science.


See PDF here.