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Greening the Drake Campus (Spencer)

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Course Title

Greening the Drake Campus: Ecological Ethics Locally and Globally

Instructor(s) Dan Spencer
University of Montana

Religious Studies

Subject(s) Religion and Ecology, Environmental Ethics

The primary objective of this course is to introduce students to the emerging field of environmental and ecological ethics and the spectrum of philosophical responses to the questions, issues and dilemmas posed by the contemporary global ecological crisis. We will examine fundamental issues such as how human beings should relate to the rest of nature, the historical roots of the ecological crisis, and the intersection of ecological and social justice issues in various responses to the ecological crisis. In addition we will focus on the Drake campus and research the question of what it would take to make Drake more ecologically sustainable in its practices as a community. Through a combination of discussion, lectures, readings and research, each student will be encouraged to both clarify one’s own personal stances as well as understand perspectives and contexts radically different from one’s own.


See PDF here.