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Asian Religions and Ecology (McDermott)

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Course Title

Asian Religions and Ecology


Robert McDermott
California Institute of Integral Studies


Philosophy and Religion

Subject(s) Asian Religions, Religion and Ecology

This newly created course is offered on the recommendation of Brian Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker in response to the perceived need for a thorough study of the significance of world religions for the deepening ecological crisis. Western Religion and Ecology was offered in spring 2001 and was a huge success thanks largely to the students who brought ecological knowledge, experience and commitment to each class and complemented the instructor’s knowledge of western religion. This course on Asian religions and ecology will require a similar complementarity and promises to be as successful. The instructor will lecture, as scheduled, on topics, particularly scriptural texts and key concepts, which provide necessary background for an informed discussion of the essays in the Harvard CSWR Series.


See PDF here.