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Associates of the Forum on Religion and Ecology have contributed a wide range of syllabi to this website. The general syllabi area can be accessed via any of the traditions but they are not divided by traditions because many of the topics cover all of the traditions. A list of scholars and their accompanying submissions has been included below.

Authors retain all reproduction rights for these materials.

Scholar Topic of Syllabi
Adler, Joseph
Religion and Nature
Armon, Chara

Environmental Leadership Learning Community: Who Am I in Relation to the Natural World?
Humanity, Nature, and Justice in the Modern World

Barnhill, David Buddhism, Ecology, Society
Chinese Religions and Ecology
Humanistic Ecology

Carp, Richard

Sustainability, Religion, Spirituality

Clay, Elonda

Religious Environmental Activism in the Digital Age

Connors, Sean Religion and Ecology in Native America


Eaton, Heather Ecological Feminist Perspectives
Ecology, Justice, and the Sacred
Fish, Lorraine Spiritual Ecology
Foltz, Richard World Religions and the Environmental Crisis
Religion, Ethics, Nature
Grim, John American Indian Religions and Ecology
Indigenous Religions and Ecology
Grodzins Gold, Ann Religions and the Natural Environment
Haberman, David Religion, Ecology, and Self

Kaza, Stephanie Ecofeminism
American Nature Philosophers
Radical Environmentalism
Religion and Ecology
Lorentzen, Lois Ann Environmental Ethics
Religion and the Environment

McAnally, Elizabeth

Environmental Ethics
McCagney, Nancy Cross-Cultural Environmental Ethics
McDermott, Robert Asian Religions and Ecology

McDuffie, David C. Religion and Nature in an Age of Ecology
Religion, Nature, and Environment
Religious Traditions and Care of the Earth

Mickey, Sam

Environmental Ethics
O’Hara, Dennis Patrick

An Introduction to Eco-Theology
Queen, Christopher

World Religions Face the Climate Crisis
Robinson-Bertoni, Sarah

Ways of Understanding Religion: Climate Change, Religion, and Our Common Home
Schaefer, Jame

Foundations for Ecological Ethics
Seminar on Global Warming
Global Warming 2008 Capstone Report

Sharp, Carolyn J.

Envisioning Shalom: Preaching for Creation

Smyer Yü, Dan

Religion and Ecology in China

Spencer, Dan

Greening the Drake Campus
The Greening of Religion

Sponsel, Leslie Anthropology of Buddhism
Anthropology of Religion
Sacred Places (2013)
Sacred Places (2007)
Spiritual Ecology (2016)
Spiritual Ecology (2013)
Spiritual Ecology (2009)
Swearer, Donald K. Environmental Visions and Environmentalism

Taylor, Bron Environment and Values/Environmental Ethics

Taylor, Sarah McFarland

Greening of American Religion

Tirosh-Samuelson, Hava

Religion and Ecology
Treat, James

Indigenous Ecologies (Spring 2008)
Indigenous Ecologies (Fall 2008)

Verter, Bradford Grounding the Sacred: Religion and Ecology in the United States
Waldau, Paul Religion and Animals (2013)
Religion and Animals (2009)
Wallace, Mark Religion and Ecology
Williams, Duncan Ryuken Buddhism and Ecology