Land Acknowledgments: Bridging and revealing deeper truths

Event description: 

March 21 - April 4, 2023
March 27 - April 10, 2023

Too often, land acknowledgments become performative: hasty and awkward, they don't actually provide avenues for saying hello to the land we are on, much less engaging in dialogical and practical avenues for repair. Yet within the land acknowledgment is the possibility of shifting our collective imagination; they can act as bridges towards social and ecological restoration. 

If you are a leader, facilitator, practitioner, educator, or storyteller already using land acknowledgments and wanting them to mean more than they often do, then we invite you to join this powerful, skill-building course, guided in cross-cultural dialogue, to strengthen your capacity in bridging.  Bring your context and questions to this highly participatory course, and leave with skills, stories, and satisfying options for ways to create deeper meaning and avenues for action. We will meet online once a week for three consecutive weeks starting in March and then have a ‘so what happened’ (optional) follow-up session in May.

75 minutes/session.

Dates for cohort 1: March 21, March 28, and April 4

Dates for cohort 2: March 27, April 3, and April 10

Hosted by Sequoia Samanvaya

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