Eco Sangas

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January 13, 2021  –  What Is the Climate Crisis and What to Do About It
February 10, 2021  – Just One Action
March 10, 2021 –  Working with Fear
April 14, 2021 –  Just One Action
May 12, 2021 –  Stubborn Optimism
June 9, 2021  – Just One Action

Online events at 6-7:30 pm EST

Hosted by the Sacred Ecology Forum 

Eco Sangas are a free monthly gathering dedicated to exploring our role in the climate crisis as students of Bhakti Yoga. Eco Sangas include space for climate grief; unpack climate science and news; deepen contemplative practices for navigating profound challenges; and develop action plans.

This spring, alternating Eco Sangas will be dedicated to developing action plans individually or as a group.

To obtain Zoom details, please contact Sacred Ecology Forum: