Get a Taste of the Online Courses!

Tara C. Trapani


Since we released the Religions of the World and Ecology online courses through Yale/Coursera last December, we at the Forum have been frequently asked if it's possible to sample the course content before enrolling. We're very pleased to now share with you excerpts from the original course interviews, so you can get a taste of the rich content found in these classes. 

Remember that the courses are always free to audit. To get the courses for free, please follow these instructions

We are releasing approximately one clip a week from the original interviews in the courses. You can find them each week here on our YouTube channel.

Thus far, we've released:

Tiokasin Ghosthorse on Traditional Ecological Knowledge
From the interview “Lakota Consciousness and Ecological Relationships”
Included in the Indigenous Religions and Ecology course


“What is Eco-womanism?” with Melanie Harris
From the interview “Eco-womanism, Ecological Memory, and Womanist Theology”
Included in both the Western Religions and Ecology and Christianity and Ecology courses


And we have many more to come! There are dozens of original interviews in the courses. Which ones would you like to see samples of in the coming weeks? Let us know here on Facebook!

You can also get a good idea of what you'll be getting in each course by viewing the course syllabi. These links will take you directly to the syllabus for each class:

  1. Introduction to Religions and Ecology
  2. Indigenous Religions and Ecology
  3. South Asian Religions and Ecology
  4. East Asian Religions and Ecology
  5. Western Religions and Ecology
  6. Christianity and Ecology

We hope these resources will help you decide if the Religions of the World and Ecology courses are right for you. Make sure to check our YouTube channel each week for more video clips!