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Shomrei Adamah


Meaning “Guardians of Earth” in Hebrew, Shomrei Adamah is a Jewish nonprofit organization based on the belief that Judaism holds people responsible for protecting the Earth. Seeking to draw out the connections between Judaism and environmentalism, Shomrei Adamah emphasizes those parts of the Jewish tradition that promote care and respect for the Earth, such as Tu B’Shevat (the Jewish New Year of the Trees) and Bal Tashchit (biblical prohibition against wasteful behavior). Shomrei Adamah reaches out to the Jewish community in the greater Washington D.C. area through educational events, eco-spiritual retreats, holiday celebrations, and advocacy efforts. Shomrei Adamah’s popular celebrations highlight the ecological dimensions of traditional Jewish holidays like Sukkot (the Festival of Tabernacles) and Hanukah. In addition to working with synagogues to promote congregational “greening,” Shomrei Adamah collaborates with other groups in promoting environmental campaigns on both local and national levels. The organization is run entirely by volunteers.



Geographic Location

United States of America
(Washington D.C.)

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Shomrei Adamah was born on Earth Day in 1990, thanks to the efforts of local environmental activists. Although it had no formal leadership structure for the first decade of its life, Shomrei Adamah accomplished many things during that time. It organized lectures and holiday celebrations, published a greening synagogues handbook, and actively supported a variety of environmental advocacy initiatives. In 2000, the organization established its first volunteer executive board.

Mission Statement

Shomrei Adamah “promote[s] the connection between ecology and Jewish tradition through education, religious practice, social events, and activism.”

Partner Organizations

Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life (COEJL)

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