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Vessel Garden

Abstract The hope of Vessel Garden is to serve as a resource for all people who are interested in coming together in honor of the Earth. Vessel Garden recognizes the wisdom of Indigenous Peoples, who for centuries have carried sacred knowledge of how to live in harmony and balance with all of creation. Also recognized is the sincere desire on the part of many non-Indigenous people to live in this manner, and to contribute to healing the wounds of our planet that have been caused by excess and imbalance. Finally, Vessel Garden recognizes the importance of gathering in community. May the resources presented in these pages be gateways to meaningful exchange, open and respectful dialogue, insightful teaching and learning, celebration, and healing.
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History Vessel Garden is the fruit of an ongoing personal and spiritual journey that has involved study, research, contemplation, and conversations with many, many insightful and compassionate people. It began, in many ways, with the frank acknowledgment of a deep longing to bring my daily practice and experience of being in the world into greater alignment with my inner narrative -- one of being in constant awe and delight at the mystery, beauty, and intricacy of creation.

The idea for creating Vessel Garden began to crystallize as I came to understand how central and essential the experience of community is to this journey. I realized that the more I discovered and marveled at the interconnectedness of life around me, the more acutely I became aware of a persistent sense of being outside and disconnected. It was only when I began seeking out connections with people and organizations who had similar hopes and ideas, and had the opportunity to be in community in a way that resonated with the experience my heart longed for, that this feeling of disconnection gradually began to transform into a glowing sense of possibility.

Seeking out community has, in turn, been accompanied by many questions related to the ideas of culture, identity, heritage, and accountability. I have found it impossible to be on this journey without confronting issues of cultural appropriation, the legacy of colonialism, and the impact of climate change and globalization. I have also been called upon to face up to the layers upon layers of perception that shape how I see people, the world, and my place in it. I am grateful for the forums in which open dialogue about these issues and questions has occurred.

Ultimately, I have come to believe that the ability to actualize the visions of balance, sustainability and vitality so eloquently articulated by the people and organizations featured on these pages depends on our willingness to ask and explore these questions together. My hope is that Vessel Garden, by offering information about how people, organizations, and communities can connect with one another, can help support this process.

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