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Abstract Composed of ecologically-concerned Christians from churches in England’s Oxford region, Sage promotes environmental awareness and ecological practices among Christians through education, outreach, events, and programs. Rooted in a Christian worldview, Sage understands the environment to be God’s good creation and calls on churches and individual Christians to serve as caretakers and stewards of the Earth and its inhabitants. Although primarily Anglican, Sage is an ecumenical group and includes a variety of Christian denominations. In addition to making presentations, holding prayer services, organizing events, and sponsoring conservation initiatives, Sage has produced various resources for use in Christian settings. Besides its thrice annual newsletter, Sage Words, which provides information about environmental issues and upcoming events, Sage has published environmental Bible Studies for use in churches and created poster boards for displays at churches and environmental events. “Walk with the Creator” events provide an opportunity for people to combine outdoor walking with theological reflection. Through its connection with the Oxford Urban Wildlife Group, Sage members participate in conservation projects that help to maintain nature parks and survey local urban wildlife areas. The Sage website has also been utilized to promote other environmental Christian activities in the Oxford area such as the Oxford diocesan group, A Christian Response to the Environment (AChRE), and the Ss. Mary and John Churchyard Project (Cowley Road, Oxford). Many Sage members have strong links with other national groups (e.g., A Rocha, UK and the John Ray Initiative). At present Sage has a mailing list of more than 100 individuals.
Religion Christianity
Geographic Location United Kingdom
(Oxford region)
Duration of Project 1990–Present

Sage was established by members of St. Aldates Church in Oxford in 1990, and has since spread to other churches in the Oxford region and beyond. Since its founding, Sage has organized conservation projects, recycling initiatives, educational events, and walks in the countryside. It also produced Christian environmental materials and supported sustainable development projects overseas through its connections to organizations like A Rocha and the Amani project. In the early 1990s, Sage produced a series of environmental Bible Studies entitled, “God, the Environment, and You,” that have recently been updated and are now available online. In 2000, it launched a new series of countryside walks called “Walk with the Creator,” and in 2004 these walks focused on exploring trees in an Oxford park throughout an annual, seasonal cycle. Since 1999, Sage has led a Conservation Sunday service in early June at a different church every year.

Mission Statement Sage aims to be an environmental voice among Christians and a Christian voice among environmentalists.
Partner Organizations

A Rocha
The Oxford Urban Wildlife Group

Sage also has links with:
The John Ray Initiative
A Christian Response to the Environment (AChRE)
Ss. Mary and John Churchyard Project

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Contact Information Sage
Dr. Martin J. Hodson
School of Biological and Molecular Sciences
Oxford Brookes University
Headington, Oxford OX3 0BP
United Kingdom
Ph:       +01865.483954
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