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Quaker Green Action (QGA)

Abstract Quaker Green Action (QGA) is a network of Friends seeking to witness to the transformation needed in society to bring about a sustainable future. The 2001 Britain Yearly Meeting called on Friends “to live our lives in radically different ways that challenge consumer culture” and “to use all the channels and resources available to witness truth to power.” QGA works to raise awareness about environmental concerns within the Religious Society of Friends and to provide information about possible responses for individuals and meetings. It encourages Friends to live simply, responsibly, and reverently amidst God’s continuing creation. In addition to sponsoring workshops, conferences, and gatherings, QGA helps to fund sustainability projects through a small grant program and runs an ecological summer camp on members’ “green” farms or smallholdings. It also helps Friends conduct environmental audits of their Meeting Houses. QGA collaborates with other Quaker groups in Britain and elsewhere including: Quaker Concern for Animals, The Northern Friends Peace Board, and the North American Friends’ Committee on Unity with Nature. It provides resources and information through its website, quarterly earthQuaker newsletter, and various publications including: The Creation was Open to Me, The Witness of Our Buildings, Living Lightly (now Walk Cheerfully, Step Lightly), and Kinship with Creation.
Religion Christianity
Geographic Location United Kingdom
Start Date of Project 1986

In 1986, Quaker Green Concern (QGC) was established to provide support and networking opportunities for environmentally-aware Friends in Britain and to promote environmental awareness among Quakers. In 1996 QGC acted to ensure its methods of working as well as its aims were sustainable. It changed its bank account to a social bank and ensured that its publications and stationery were 100 percent recycled post consumer waste or equivalent. Increasing use is now made of email and some newsletters are sent electronically. The “officers” travel by bike and train and shared meals are vegan with local, organic ingredients. The network changed its name to Quaker Green Action (QGA) in 2002 and began a more pro-active program encouraging members to arrange for workshops to be held at their Meetings.

Mission Statement Quaker Green Action “aims to witness to the Earth and its people, discerning the leadings of the Spirit, raising Friends’ awareness, and encouraging and supporting each other in making positive changes in our daily lives.”
Partner Organizations Northern Friends Peace Board
Living Witness Project
Quaker Concern for Animals
Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW)
Quaker Peace and Social Witness
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Contact Information Quaker Green Action
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Headington, Oxford 0X3 7RN
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