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Ecumenical Association of Churches of Romania

Abstract Ajutor Interbisericesc Departmentul Romania or Inter-Church AID Department of Romania (AIDRom) is a collaborative, ecumenical organization promoting sustainable development and ecumenical dialogue in Romania. AIDRom runs various programs in three departmental areas: Ecumenical Formation, Interchurch Aid and Development, and Education for Peace and Reconciliation. In all of its work, AIDRom strives to involve churches and Christian groups in social, ecological, and ecumenical work; support Non-Governmental Organizations and bolster civil society; and encourage co-operation between Christian groups and individuals. Through its Environment and Sustainable Development Program (ESDP), which is part of its Department of Interchurch Aid and Development, AIDRom encourages churches to promote environmental protection, ecological education, and sustainable development. The ESDP program aims to engage churches in environmental work by raising awareness about environmental problems, promoting theological reflection and concrete action on environmental issues, integrating religious and environmental education, and providing educational materials and resources. AIDRom pursues the other main goal of the ESDP program, ecologically sustainable development, by encouraging ecological agriculture, local sustainability, alternative models of community development, and ecumenical cooperation.
Religion Christianity
Geographic Location Romania
Duration of Project 1991–Present

In 1991, the Sharing and Service Unit of the World Council of Churches (WCC) helped establish AIDRom as a cooperative between the Romanian Orthodox, Reformed, and Lutheran Churches. With the original intent of creating a National Council of Churches (NCC) in Romania while providing humanitarian aid, the WCC provided funds, resources, and organizational support during the organization’s early years. In 1993, AIDRom became the Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania, a registered Romanian association. The following year, the Synodo-Presbyterial Church of the Augsburg Confession and the Armenian Orthodox Church joined the organization. After forming relationships with funders, initiating programs, and hiring staff in the first half of the 1990s, AIDRom sought to become less dependent on foreign support. Over the course of time, the organization has increasingly focused on providing consulting services to churches and non-governmental agencies, creating a structure for the provision of information and educational resources, and becoming a platform for national ecumenical dialogue and collaboration.

Mission Statement AIDRom seeks to be “a leading expert in projects related to development, training, education, ecumenical formation, human rights and minorities, women issues, environment, etc., [and a] platform for regional encounter of faiths promoting peace, reconciliation, and cultural security for religious communities and ethnic groups.”
Partner Organizations

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Reformed Church
German Lutheran Church
Synodo-Presbyterial Church of AC
Armenian Orthodox Church

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Europa Commisie
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National Council of Churches of Christ

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