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Abstract Working out of a Christian conception of environmental stewardship, EarthCare seeks to promote ecological awareness and action in the Christian community through monthly meetings, annual conferences, retreats, projects, and resource distribution. In addition to welcoming all interested individuals to its monthly meetings at Chattanooga State Technical Community College, EarthCare holds one-day annual retreats as well as two-day annual Christian Environmental Stewardship conferences. Through the EarthCare Speakers Bureau, speakers are available to give presentations in the greater Chattanooga area on various topics pertaining to Christian environmentalism. EarthCare publishes and distributes a variety of resource guides about personal and institutional creation care, biblically-based stewardship, eco-theology, and recommended books about Christianity and the environment. In addition to its electronic newsletter, EarthCare Times, EarthCare keeps members informed about environmental news and events through an email update list. EarthCare also distributes the Evangelical Environmental Network’s congregational earth-keeping kit, “Let the Earth Be Glad.” Books, periodicals, and videotapes are freely available to members through the EarthCare library. In addition to initiating and supporting creation care in Christian homes and churches, EarthCare models environmental stewardship by hands-on creation care projects, such as maintaining a segment of Highway 58 through the Tennessee Adopt-A-Highway program.
Religion Christianity
Geographic Location United States of America
Duration of Project 1994–Present

EarthCare was organized by a group of volunteers in 1994 to help Christians learn about their environmental responsibilities and to encourage people of faith to become involved in caring for God’s creation. Its initial project was a conference in the spring of 1995 in Chattanooga; since then, a spring EarthCare conference has been held every year. In 1997, EarthCare became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and began holding annual fall retreats. Its members have spoken in local churches, and EarthCare has been a frequent exhibitor at fairs and community events. In 2000 and 2001, EarthCare published a series of resource guides on Christian environmental stewardship. Today EarthCare is an enthusiastic organization involving men and women from various denominations who are active in creation care projects and educational outreach. EarthCare has recently adopted new future goals, which include: hosting its spring conference every other year rather than annually and developing more community activities, educational programs, and nature-oriented Christian fellowship events (e.g., hiking, birding, and camping) that will help Christian people share their love of God’s creation and actively care for it throughout the year.

Mission Statement “EarthCare is a Christian organization that exists to promote creation stewardship within the Christian community. It seeks to raise environmental awareness and encourage participation in church and community projects through various educational and advisory programs . . . as well as by being actively involved ourselves as a model for others to follow. EarthCare also exists to provide a medium for fellowship, interaction, and inspiration for Christians concerned with the biblical mandate to be stewards of God’s creation.”
Partner Organizations

Although EarthCare has no formal partnerships with other organizations, it cooperates with many other groups. It receives funding from foundations and church agencies, welcomes displays and speakers from environmental organizations at its conferences, and provides educational materials and speakers to local congregations. EarthCare’s supporters and co-sponsors of past events include:

First Baptist Church of Chattanooga
The Southeastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
The Scenic Cities Beautiful Commission
The McClellan Foundation
Memorial Hospital
Chattanooga Environmental Education Alliance
The Evangelical Environmental Network
Opening the Book of Nature
Chattanooga State Technical Community College

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Contact Information

EarthCare, Inc.
PO Box 23291
Chattanooga, TN 37422

Dr. John P. Rossing
Ph:       706.278.3979
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Dr. Jerry Faulkner
Ph:       423.697.2560
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