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Blessed Tomorrow

Blessed Tomorrow is a coalition of diverse religious partners united as faithful stewards of creation. Together, we inspire our communities to take action today on one of the greatest moral challenges of our era — protecting our shared home.

We are compelled by a higher power to act on our responsibility to serve one another, future generations, and the most vulnerable as we witness the impacts of climate change within our neighborhoods and throughout the world. We will be stewards of God’s creation, empower our communities, and call on fellow leaders to create a healthy future for us all.

Many of us weren’t always climate change leaders, but we have come to realize that addressing climate is an essential part of how we preserve, protect, and provide for our communities, children, and country. We welcome leaders from all faith traditions and denominations to join us in leading by example in our houses of worship and in encouraging people to live out their concern for creation as a rich part of their faith.

Blessed Tomorrow is by people of faith, for people of faith, offering ideas, tools, and language that are familiar, compelling, and effective. Through Blessed Tomorrow, faith leaders take steps together on a path to a positive future while maintaining the distinct voice of their tradition. You don’t need to be “green” to participate - the best practices, knowledge, resources, and collaboration, offered through Blessed Tomorrow are available to anyone who joins, whether they are just getting started or well on their way.  

Blessed Tomorrow is a program created by a coalition of faith leaders in collaboration with ecoAmerica through its MomentUs initiative. It is funded by The MacArthur Foundation, The ClearPath Foundation, The Linden Trust for Conservation, and others. CLEAR collaborated with Blessed Tomorrow to source the resources offered in the care for creation section of the Path to Positive.