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Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC)


The Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) is a multi-faith organisation which aims to support faith communities to take action on climate change, through their spiritual practice, through education, practical projects and campaigning.  ARRCC has a shared sense of moral purpose. In the face of ecological damage and social injustices, ARRCC affirms a love for this planet and its inhabitants and a deep reverence for life.  ARRCC joins together in being a part of the change we wish to see. ARRCC makes available theological and spiritual resources to communities, and seeks to inspire and resource practical action such improving energy efficiency and switching to government-accredited Green Power. ARRCC has an arrangement with Jackgreen whereby communities can fund-raise through their member households switching to Green Power. Furthermore, ARRCC believes that the transformation of society involves engagement in the political process. Through campaigning as an organisation, facilitating letters from religious leaders and empowering grassroots lobbying ARRCC promotes Australia’s stronger reliance on renewable energy sources, setting emissions reduction targets which are globally responsible, and responding compassionately to climate-affected peoples. 

Religion Inter-religious: Christianity
Geographic Location Australia, with an office in Sydney
Duration of Project 2007-Present

ARRCC was formed after a visit in 2007 by Rev Dr Sally Bingham of the Interfaith Power and Light movement in the USA. This, like other interfaith movements responding to climate change, includes people from most faith traditions. Sally Bingham’s visit was hosted by the non-profit research organisation, The Climate Institute (TCI), based in Sydney. TCI was then inspired to employ someone to start a similar faith-based initiative in Australia.

Currently, this person is Dr Miriam Pepper, who spent 2008 networking among the various faith communities, establishing a website, getting ARRCC incorporated and developing some sense of common purpose among stake-holders. Formally, ARRCC was launched in November 2008. ARRCC is keenly aware of other faith-based initiatives such as Greenfaith Australia, the Faith Ecology Network and various ecumenical working groups. ARRCC plans to complement rather than duplicate what these organizations and groups are doing. Through a website and e-newsletters, ARRCC intends to publicise the events and actions of other similar groups as well as its own.

In 2009 ARRCC plans to hold multi-faith vigils in various capital cities during Earth Hour, offer more resources on their website, lobby the Government, participate in the Parliament of World Religions and in various ways inspire faith communities to take action on climate change.

Mission Statement ARRCC’s objectives are:

(1) To help galvanise religious responses to climate change;
(2) To raise awareness about climate change issues within the Australian religious community;
(3) To support interfaith dialogue and collaboration in relation to climate change;
(4) To assist and inspire the religious community to be peaceful agents of change in achieving a socially and ecologically just future;
(5) To assist and inspire religious organisations to lower their energy consumption;
(6) To support interfaith dialogue and collaboration in relation to climate change;
(7) To support communities adversely impacted by climate change;
(8) To form relationships with the broader community that assist in the meeting of the above objectives.
Partner Organizations

Faith Ecology Network
Greenfaith Australia
Pacific Calling Partnership

Long-Term Goals To lower Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions through sound Government policy and ethically-inspired choices by individuals and communities.
Bibliography Common Belief, Sydney, 2006, published by The Climate Institute.
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Contact Information Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC)
Miriam Pepper, Secretary
Level 15, 179 Elizabeth St
Sydney 2000
Ph: 02 9252 5200
Fax: 02 9247 6555