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African Institute for Scientific Research and Development (AISRED)

Abstract A registered non-profit organization in Kenya, the African Institute for Scientific Research and Development (AISRED) seeks to address pressing social, economic, and environmental problems in Africa from a Christian perspective. Consisting of East African scientists and professionals, AISRED works towards improving material and social well-being in Africa, both of which require conservation of natural resources and environmental stewardship. Rooted in the Christian tradition, AISRED promotes responsible stewardship of God’s creation and sees its work as an expression of Christ’s love. In conjunction with the Presbyterian Church of East Africa, AISRED runs various programs on agriculture, health and the environment at the Maasai Rural Development Centre (MRDC) at the foot of the Ngong Hills, near Nairobi. With 450 acres of land, the Centre is an ideal place for AISRED’s programs in ecological agriculture, sustainable development, and environmental conservation. With the goal of improving food security and nutrition in semi-arid climates, AISRED’s agricultural project entails improving stock and seed for the local Maasai community and creating a model farm where farmers, church youth, and interns can learn new technologies and agricultural management techniques. Through its Environment program, AISRED demonstrates and promotes afforestation, biodiversity protection, and environmental education. In collaboration with Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies, AISRED offers a five-week summer program in East Africa ecology (Au Sable Africa) to undergraduate students from North American and African colleges. AISRED has created a multipurpose tree nursery and a 10-acre garden of medicinal plants at MRDC. Seeking to help the church take a more prominent role in promoting environmental conservation in East Africa, AISRED’s Environmental Education initiative aims to provide teachers at Christian institutions with courses on ecology and the environment. Through this program, teachers receive hands-on training at MRDC, where they have access to an environmental resource center. AISRED also incorporates environmental health concerns into its community healthcare program.
Religion Christianity
Geographic Location Africa
Duration of Project 1998–Present
History African Christian scientists and other professionals concerned about poverty founded AISRED in 1991. AISRED operated under the auspices of Daystar University until it registered as a non-profit organization in 1997. The agricultural and health projects were launched in 1997, followed soon after by the environmental and medicinal plants project.
Mission Statement “The mission of AISRED is to use science to find effective solutions to the widespread problems of poverty and underdevelopment in Africa as an expression of Christ’s love. AISRED seeks to direct the talents and scientific expertise of Christians towards goal-oriented research and public education in the needy areas of agriculture, health, the environment, and socioeconomic development. AISRED serves all the people of Africa regardless of their faith, sex, or ethnic origin.”
Partner Organizations Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies, Presbyterian Church of East Africa, MAP International, Christian Reformed World Relief Committee
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Contact Information

Professor George Kinoti
Executive Director
P.O. Box 14663
Nairobi, 00800
Phone/Fax: 254-2-449843
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)