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Green Christian (GC), formerly known as Christian Ecology Link, is a multi-denominational Christian organization in the United Kingdom (UK) dedicated to making connections between Christianity and ecology through publications, campaigns, programs, and events. GC works with churches to raise awareness about ecological concerns and to encourage members to take responsibility for their impacts on God’s creation. GC provides churches with regular free information and resource materials. GC’s LOAF Food Campaign, which stands for Locally produced, Organically grown, Animal friendly, and Fairly traded, promotes sustainable agriculture and just food systems by distributing LOAF placemats and posters to congregations. GC’s ecocell project encourages groups to reflect on environmental theology through cell groups focused on the Bible and environment. GC’s Joy in Enough Conference explores new research on sustainability and the environment and encourages Christians to make changes to their own lifestyles.

GC’s sister charity Operation Noah project aims to mobilize local communities to address climate change. To facilitate outreach, GC has local contact groups and liases with national denominational organizations. In addition to its programs, GC keeps members informed and connected through its News Bulletin, website, and Green Christians magazine, which is published three times per year.



Geographic Location

United Kingdom

Duration of Project



Green Christian is Britain’s longest established Church-based environmental organization; founded in 1981 as Christian Ecology Link (CEL) and rebranding to Green Christian in 2015. Over the past twenty years it has played a key role in making Christians more aware of the need to take care of God’s creation. In recent years its activities have included a pen pal mentoring scheme, eco support for families, and a Christian Faith and the Environment Hymn Competition to promote creative expression of care for the environment. It has actively contributed to key topical debates, notably debates about Genetically-Modified crops. Its annual conferences have been addressed by prominent Christian thinkers and have attracted increasingly large audiences.

Mission Statement

Green Christian campaigns for a greener church and a greener world. It aims:

To offer insights into ecology and the environment to Christian people and churches To offer Christian insights to the Green movement.

Partner Organizations

Although it does not have any formal partnerships, Green Christian collaborates with other organizations and initiatives in Britain with which it shares interests, including:

A Rocha
The John Ray Initiative
Operation Noah

It is also active within The European Christian Environmental Network.

Contact Information

Green Christian
Ph: +44 845 459 8460
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)