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Nyanbo Yutse Environmental Protection Association


This environmental organization, headed by two monks from the Tibetan Buddhist Nyingma school, was founded in 2007 to protect the environment through research and investigation into fauna and flora, as well as maintenance of traditional Tibetan cultural and Tibetan Buddhist practices.  As of 2011, the organization had 63 members, of whom 21 were actively involved in various projects.  The organization is named for an important regional sacred mountain. Its projects are varied and extensive: trying to resolve snow leopard-pastoralist conflicts, river and lake cleanup, investigating and stopping the decrease in the numbers of Himalayan griffon in the area, cataloging and monitoring local vegetation and animals, monitoring of grassland condition, wetlands and ponds in the sacred mountain area, environmental education activities for community children, protecting the habitat of the Tibetan bunting (an endemic bird), and patrolling against the illegal hunting of white-eared pheasant.  They are also very actively involved in community, participatory film-making efforts, with many films having distinctly environmental themes, for example about local herders’ attitudes towards snow leopard predation on their livestock, or elderly herders’ views of the benevolence of nature.  In addition, they direct much of their energy to traditional culture, including a project to catalog and collect the stories and interrelated family relations of territorial deitie, in the Nyanbo Yutse area, compiling and writing down knowledge related to medicinal plants, publishing dictionaries and pictorials of local flora and fauna, and documenting and publishing on Tibetan traditional water culture. For these various efforts, the organization won an ALXA SEE environmental award in 2011.


Tibetan Buddhism

Geographic Location

Jigdril County, Golog Prefecture, Qinghai Province, China

Duration of Project 2007–Present

The organization was formally founded in 2007 by two khenpos who had graduated from their monastic studies from the nearby monastery.  One of the co-founders, Tashi Sangpo, originally became interested in environmental protection due to his interest in drawing and investigating birds, a passion since childhood.

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