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Ecology and Justice Series

Ecology and Justice Series

Orbis Books Series on Global Ecology

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The Ecology and Justice Series published by Orbis Books seeks to integrate an understanding of the Earth as an interconnected life system with concerns for just and sustainable systems that benefit the entire Earth. Books in the series concentrate on ways to:

  1. Reexamine the human-Earth relationship in light of contemporary cosmological thought.
  2. Develop visions of common life marked by ecological integrity and social justice.
  3. Expand on the work of those who are developing such fields as eco-social ecology, bioregionalism, and animal rights.
  4. Promote inclusive participative strategies that enhance the struggle of the Earth’s voiceless poor for justice.
  5. Deepen appreciation for and expand dialogue among religious traditions on the issue of ecology.
  6. Encourage spiritual discipline, social engagement, and the reform of religion and society toward these ends.

Viewing the present moment as a time for responsible creativity, this series asks authors to speak to ecojustice concerns from the Christian community, from the world’s other religious traditions, from secular and scientific circles, and from new paradigms of thought and action.

Advisory board members for the Ecology and Justice Series include: Mary Evelyn Tucker, John A. Grim, Leonardo Boff, and Sean McDonagh.

Books already published in the Ecology and Justice Series include:

Title Author
Christian Future and the Fate of Earth Thomas Berry
Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor Leonardo Boff
Defending Mother Earth: Native American Perspectives on Environmental Justice Jace Weaver, ed.
Earth Community, Earth Ethics Larry L. Rasmussen
Ecology and Liberation: A New Paradigm Leonard Boff
Fugitive Faith: Conversations on Spiritual, Environmental, and Community Renewal Benjamin S. Webb, ed.
Good News for Animals? Charles Pinches and Jay B. McDaniel, eds.
Healing Breath: Zen Spirituality for a Wounded Earth Ruben L. F. Habito
Hellfire and Lightning Rods Frederick Ferré
The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos: Humanity and the New Story Brian Swimme
Jesus the Wisdom of God: An Ecological Theology Dennis Edwards
Living Cosmology: Christian Responses to Journey of the Universe Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim, eds.
Passion for the Earth Sean McDonagh
With Roots and Wings: Christianity in an Age of Ecology and Dialogue Jay B. McDaniel
Sustainability: Economics, Ecology, and Justice John B. Cobb, Jr.
The Tao of Liberation: Exploring the Ecology of Transformation Mark Hathaway and Leonardo Boff
Theology for Earth Community: A Field Guide Dieter T. Hessel, ed.
Women Healing Earth: Third-World Women on Ecology, Feminism, and Religion Rosemary Radford Ruether, ed.
Women, the Earth, the Divine Eleanor Rae
Worldviews and Ecology: Religion, Philosophy, and the Environment Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim, eds.

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