WWF’s engagement with faithful youth and launch of the Youth Pledge

June 13, 2013
World Wildlife Fund

I’m thrilled to introduce a new
World Wildlife Fund (WWF) initiative geared toward inspiring  youth leaders in the American faith communities to become advocates for conservation. Our goal is for at least 100,000 youth to pledge to do so in the next month. In return, we will share simple actions they can take each month to protect the environment and hope to include their ideas as we develop the program further. Your help in spreading the word about this pledge would be wonderful.  It is available at:

This initiative is largely inspired by discussions with faith-based youth leaders from all over of the world in the past year. In response to these conversations, WWF Sacred Earth is launching a webpage that highlights the voices of youth on their desire to be good stewards of nature, to build on their faith values, and to become environmental leaders in their own communities and across the planet. We hope this initiative encourages their sense of connection with all life on earth and with one another. We will continue to update and include stories from young faith-based people around the world who wish to join WWF in protecting our living planet. Please do share this with any young people who may find this interesting: And if they want to submit their story to us, they can do so via this link:

I hope you will find this initiative as uplifting as I do. Nearly half of our global population is under the age of 25; encouraging faith-motivated youth to lead conservation efforts is critical. WWF Sacred Earth has benefited greatly from your support and feedback; we wouldn't be here without you. Please feel free to contact me and share your thoughts about this new approach.

Warm regards, 

Dekila Chungyalpa
Director, Sacred Earth
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