We Are All Noah: Tom Regan’s Olive Branch to Religious Animal Ethics

By Matthew C. Halteman

Special Issue: “Tom Regan: In Memoriam”
Between the Species: An Online Journal for the Study of Philosophy and Animals
Volume 21, Issue 1 (Spring 2018)

Abstract: For the past thirty years, the late Tom Regan bucked the trend among secular  animal  rights  philosophers  and  spoke  patiently  and  persistently  to  the  best  angels  of  religious  ethics  in  a  stream  of  publications  that  enjoins  religious  scholars,  clergy,  and  lay  people  alike  to  rediscover  the  resources  within  their  traditions  for  articulating and living  out  an  animal  ethics  that  is  more  consistent  with  their  professed values of love, mercy, and justice. My aim in this article is to showcase some of the wealth of insight offered in this important but under-utilized  archive  of  Regan’s  work to those of us, religious or otherwise, who wish to challenge audiences of faith to think and do better by animals.

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