Mother Pelican Journal of Solidarity and Sustainability


Page 1. From Patriarchy to Solidarity and Sustainability, Editorial Essay
Page 2. Sustainable Development in the 21st Century, United Nations
Page 3. Money from Nothing: A Primer on Fake Wealth Creation and its Implications (Parts 1 and 2), by Zeus Yiamouyiannis
Page 4. (Un)Sustainability by Socialization, by Arup Kanti Konar
Page 5. Elect More Women: Prerequisite for a Sustainable Economy, by Brent Blackwelder
Page 6. Religion, Feminism, and Gender-making Theory, by Alison Jasper
Page 7. True Sustainability and the Evolution of Development Paradigms, by Lucio Muñoz
Page 8. To Save Our Ecosystems, Stop Overloading Them, by Doug Pibel and Madeline Ostrander
Page 9. Climbing the Ladder of Awareness , by Paul Chefurka

The following supplements have been updated:

Supplement 1: Advances in Sustainable Development (prayer, study, action, news, pubs, tools, data, models)
Supplement 2: Directory of Sustainable Development Resources (library of 1000+ links to online resources)
Supplement 3: Long-Term Strategies for Sustainable Energy (clean energy, mitigation and adaptation strategies)
Supplement 4: Short-Term Strategies for Sustainable Energy (education, taxes, basic income, ISO standards)
Supplement 5: Fostering Gender Equality in Society (gender solidarity and equality, men and women in society)
Supplement 6: Fostering Gender Equality in Religion (liberation from patriarchy, men and women in religion)

Call for articles:

Anything related to social solidarity and ecological sustainability is within the scope of the journal, and a topic of especial interest is the intersection with gender equality in both society and religion.