Hindu statesman Zed launches Global Council on Environment to ‘better the universe around us’

May 10, 2010
Asian News International

Nevada (US) - A new global environment advocacy organization has been launched to “preserve, protect and better the universe around us”.

Named “Global Council on Environment” (GCE), it aims to raise the environment standards of the world. Headquartered in Nevada (USA), religious statesman Rajan Zed is its president while environmental advocate Jim Meiklejohn is secretary.

According to Zed, Council will seek to mobilize world opinion and increase awareness on the issues concerning environment, including its preservation, conservation, protection, economy, history, care, sciences, sustainability, ethics, law, planning, management, engineering, justice, etc.; ecology, global warming, ozone, sustainable development, pollution, climate change, water quality, indoor air quality, biodiversity, desertification, species migration, oil spills, acid rain, hazardous wastes, biological diversity, etc.

GCE will advocate conservation of natural resources, encourage the integration of environmental consideration in development activities and adoption of more sustainable lifestyle, seek to prevent environmental destruction, raise global environment issues, work to save ancient forests and protect oceans and ecosystems, increase public awareness about the consequences of unsustainable activities, etc.

Through its activities, Council intends to nurture life by protecting and restoring biodiversity, preventing pollution and abuse of land-fresh water-air-ocean, promoting peace, reversing destruction of environment, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and exposure to toxic chemicals, protecting oceans from pollution and overfishing, preserve the earth’s biosphere by planting and care for trees, etc., Rajan Zed adds.

It will support alternative and renewable energy sources, creating of innovative and economically viable solutions to environmental problems, etc.