Hainan to boost ecological civilization

September 24, 2017
Global Times

The Communist Party of China (CPC) branch in South China's Hainan Province passed on Friday an environmental protection regulation that aims to enhance ecological civilization.

The regulation, passed by delegated officials at the 2nd Plenary Session of the 7th CPC Hainan Provincial Committee Meeting, guides how to improve the provincial environment and turn Hainan into a national exemplary area of ecological civilization.

Articles were drawn up in the regulation to ensure the wellbeing of maritime ecology. A responsibility system will be implemented to protect each bay area, ensuring that every one of them has a respective official in charge, the regulation said.

Coastal zones and areas of high ecological sensitivity will be protected by even more measures, while unapproved sea-filling practices will be strictly prohibited.

Land environment proved to be another major concern, with the regulation mandating that forest coverage in Hainan Province should stay above 62%.

The local government aims to decrease the impact of human activity on the local environment by restricting market access according to environmental criteria.

New residential buildings in rural areas cannot be taller than coconut trees, according to the regulation.

The goal is to let buildings in rural areas go with the natural scenery, according to Liu Cigui, Party Committee Secretary of Hainan Province. "The saying makes our requirement more comprehensible. Specific heights can be regulated in the following up working plans."

Located in South China and with abundant maritime resources, Hainan boasts outstanding natural conditions and is one of the top Chinese provinces in terms of environment.

The regulation followed more than 3,000 problems regarding Hainan's environment were reported during a state environmental protection inspection, revealing the attention the province receives nationwide.