Gary Paul Nabhan’s Book Tour


Coming Up on Fifty Years Since The First Earth Day (April 1970):

Bring Gary Paul Nabhan—Who Worked at the First Earth Day HQ—to Your Community to Discuss a Half Century of Lessons from “The Radical Center” of Collaborative Community-Based Conservation

From October 2018 to April 2020,  Nabhan will lecture or facilitate community workshops relating to his new book, Food from the Radical Center (Island Press), and/or give literary readings from Mesquite: An Arboreal Love Affair (Chelsea Green Publishing).

In 1970, a 17 year-old cartoonist & writer quit college to work for the D.C.-based Environmental Action HQ for the first Earth Day, in the hope that this event would galvanize Americans of all backgrounds around a common cause—saving our planet for future generations. Nearly 50 years later, issues such as environmental justice, biodiversity conservation, climate change & ecological health are some of the most divisive in America. In a new book from Island Press due out in September 2018, Food from the Radical Center: Healing Our Lands & Communities, Nabhan not only explains how top-down environmentalism went astray, but charts the course of an emerging alternative that is already healing divides in our communities, tangibly recovering threatened species and restoring food-producing landscapes. This new way of practicing “earth care” can create livelihoods as well as bridges between rural & urban communities, races, cultures, faiths, & political persuasions. This landmark book will not only help you rethink how to restore our lands, but it will inspire you to restore our country’s greatest assets: our natural & cultural diversity, & our food-producing capacity.

As Liz Carlisle, Stanford-based author of The Lentil Underground  has noted,

“In this moving, essential collection of stories, Gary Paul Nabhan tackles the question at the heart of the American experiment: can such a diverse people come together to break bread & steward our common future?  In Food from the Radical Center, Nabhan answers in the affirmative, introducing us to the unsung heroes of biocultural restoration.  Rallying to the fundamental human work of feeding their neighbors, these inspiring leaders demonstrate that we can restore our environment & our communities at the same time — and in the process, we might just restore our collective faith in the promise of democracy.”

Dr. Gary Paul Nabhan is an ethnobiologist, agro-ecologist, biocultural restorationist, nature writer & Ecumenical Franciscan Brother. A recipient of a MacArthur “genius award,” Nabhan was honored by Utne Reader in 2011 as one of several visionaries whose work is making the world a better place in which to live. Nabhan has also been honored with a Lannan Literary Award, two honorary PhD.s, & lifetime achievement awards from the Society for Conservation Biology, the Quivira Coalition, the Chefs Collaborative, Edible Communities, Society of Economic Botany & Society for Ethnobiology. He is an orchard-keeper of Mission Era heirloom fruits & desert-adapted culinary herbs in Patagonia, Arizona.

To initiate the process of bringing Nabhan to your community over the next two years for lectures, workshops or readings, contact him through his email, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or through his website email portal Advanced copies of his new books can be obtained from Island Press (Washington D.C.) & from Chelsea Green Press (White River Jct, VT).