Earth Charter and Rio 2012

June 2012
The Earth Charter Initiative


ECI Secretariat and different partners are organizing a number of events during Rio+20 Summit. Featured speakers include Severn Suzuki, Leonardo Boff, Marina Silva, Teresa Fogelberg and many others.  Find more information here.


These will shadow the formal negotiations and provide a vehicle to articulate the aspirations and recommendations of civil society. Rick Clugston has been representing Earth Charter International in this process. Interestingly, one of the proposed texts has the theme of ethics, spirituality and the Earth Charter. (see ).

Earth Charter International Plan for the Rio 2012 Conference

The Rio 2012 Conference
In June 2012, the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) or the “Rio 2012 Conference” will take place in Rio de Janeiro. The Rio 2012 Conference’s objectives are to (a) secure renewed political commitment for sustainable development, (b) assess the progress to date and the remaining gaps in the implementation of the outcomes of the major summits on sustainable development, and (c) address new and emerging challenges.

The Conference will also focus on the following two themes: (a) a green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication and, (b) the institutional framework for sustainable development.

Earth Charter and Rio 2012
The goal of the Earth Charter Initiative for Rio 2012 is to emphasize the need for a comprehensive ethical framework, articulating shared values and principles to inspire and guide different actors in the transition to a sustainable future. The aim is also to demonstrate the relevance of the Earth Charter to the objectives of the Rio 2012 Conference and its process.

The EC Initiative Rio 2012 objectives are to:
1.    Collaborate with the preparatory process and help ensure the successful outcome of the Rio 2012 goals.

2.    Draw government and non-state actors’ attention to the need for an inclusive ethical framework and shared values that inspire and help guide intergovernmental and governmental decisions towards strong sustainability and a green economy, and show the role the Earth Charter can play in facilitating this process.

3.    Present the Earth Charter as a comprehensive articulation of shared values and a vision of strong sustainability, and as an integrated ethical foundation for a green economy.

4.    Invite governments and non-state actors to make use of the Earth Charter as an ethical framework and guide for advancing sustainability.

Recommendations to the compilation text:

The Earth Charter Initiative organized a one-month consultation process between September and October 2011, to produce a set of recommendations for the Rio+20 compilation text (or zero draft).  The zero draft will be the framework document that will be debated by states’ parties at next year’s Earth Summit in Rio

The Earth Charter International recommendation document can be read and downloaded from the UNCSD submissions Web site, also in this link.

In addition, four Member States (Armenia, Bolivia, Mexico and the Russian Federation) and several organizations included the Earth Charter in their recommendations to the Rio+20 process. Find here the information



The Earth Charter can play a vital role in helping to inspire renewed political commitment expected for Rio 2012 and the necessary renewal as acknowledged by the European Economic and Social Committee which has recommended that “The Summit should recognise and support the Earth Charter as a means of inspiring commitment and action by individuals and organisations around the world”. Click here to see this whole document

The UN DPI/NGO Conference issue a Declaration as a contribution to the Rio+20 process, which refers to the Earth Charter as follows: "Recalling that the Earth Charter, together with the Culture of Peace, can play a vital role in helping to inspire renewed political commitment expected for Rio + 20 and to guide the transition to a sustainable, just and peaceful society with respect and care for the entire community of life". Click here to see the whole text - Declaration of the 64th Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference 2 (Bonn, Germany, 3-5 September 2011)

Ban Ki Moon’s High Level Panel on Global Sustainability recommended the Earth Charter in its report for Rio+20, as a relevant ethical framework for sustainable development. 

Statement by Dr. Rubens Harry Born (Vitae Civilis Institute), where he mentions the Earth Charter during the Informal Thematic Debate of the 66th Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

Learn more about the synergies between the efforts undertaken under the umbrellas of Green Economy and the Earth Charter with these materials:

Visit the Earth Charter and Rio + 20 Communications Campaign!

For more information on the conference visit

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Rio 2012 and the Earth Charter in Syria

The Earth Charter has been introduced during training sessions to prepare national actors in Syria for the Rio+20 process.  

An independent policy paper on the Earth Charter and Rio+20 is now available

Three scholars have written a policy paper discussing the relevance of the Earth Charter to the Rio+20 focus areas.

NEW: Five short videos on People's voice on Rio+20

See a set of interviews with civil society leaders done during the first preparatory meeting of Rio +20 Peoples' Summit, held in Rio de Janeiro from June 30 to July 2, 2011.

Rio+20 The Youth Factor

The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stated during the High-level Meeting on Youth, "Young people can and must play a central role in bringing dynamic new ideas, fresh thinking and energy to the Rio+20 process."

Knight Foundation, TakingITGlobal, and the Global Youth Action Network launch new initiative to strengthen Youth Movements

Upcoming project, was announced today during the UN High-level Meeting on Youth in NYC

Earth Charter holds online regional dialogues

Three online regional dialogues focused on the Earth Charter's plans for Rio+20.

Earth Charter Initiative Prepares to Participate in the Rio 2012 Conference Process

The ECI Council and Secretariat are working to identify ways for the Earth Charter Initiative to contribute to the Rio 2012 Conference.

NEW interview with Maurice Strong released!

Earth Charter International releases an inspiring video interview with Maurice Strong on various topics.