Fresh water scarcity: An introduction to the problem
February 2013

Where we get our fresh water
February 2013

God and climate change
February 14, 2013
USA Today

Sister’s Lenten resource brings the Earth and Jesus together
February 13, 2013
National Catholic Reporter

Pope Benedict XVI: the first green pontiff?
February 12, 2013

Penn Bioethics Journal Call for Papers (Open to all Undergraduate Students)
February 2013
Penn Bioethics Journal

Links Between Health and Environment in Focus at Major UN Youth Conference
February 11, 2013
United Nations Environment Programme

Faith group calls for Government to change direction on energy policy
February 1, 2013
Operation Noah press release

Turning temples in North America green
February 1, 2013
India Abroad

Sacred Sites Research Newsletter (SSIREN)
January 2013

On Climate Change, Americans May Trust Politics Above Preachers
January 28, 2013

Hindus Welcome Scrapping Of Luxury Condo Near Malaysia’s Batu Caves
January 25, 2013
Eurasia Review

Chief Theresa Spence to end hunger strike today
January 23, 2013
CBC News

Ecology, Spirituality, and Religion at CIIS
January 23, 2013
California Institute of Integral Studies

Think.Eat.Save: UNEP, FAO and Partners launch global campaign to change culture of food waste
January 22, 2013

World’s Biggest Holy Gathering Aims Green
January 17, 2013
Wall Street Journal

Mother Pelican Journal of Solidarity and Sustainability
January 2013

When will we wake?
January-February 2013
BeFriending Creation

At a Climate Protest, Science and Religion
January 15, 2013
New York Times

Hindu American Seva Communities Promotes Eco-Dharma through Bhumi Seva
January 10, 2013
Hindu American Seva Communities Press Release

Canadian PM to meet First Nations leaders after protests
January 6, 2013
The Guardian

Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME) Newsletter
January 2013

An Ecological Paradise in Southern India? A Discussion About The Todas With Dr. Tarun Chhabra
January 4, 2013

Playing offense: It’s time to divest from the oil industry
January 2, 2013
The Christian Century

Worldviews on Fire: Understanding the Inspiration for Congregational Religious Environmentalism
December 2012

December Newsletter of the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute
December 2012

West Bank barrier plan threatens ancient farming landscape
December 22, 2012
The Washington Post

United Nations Environment Programme Upgraded to Universal Membership Following Rio+20 Summit
December 21, 2012
United Nations Environment Programme

Exploring the Intersection of Cosmology, Ecology, and Ethics
December 13, 2012
Princeton Environmental Institute

West Bank: a concert to draw attention to the region’s threatened environmental heritage
December 12, 2012
EU Neighborhood Info Center

The world cannot wait - climate change is happening!
December 7, 2012
World Council of Churches

Walking Back from the Climate Cliff: “Pray-In” at the White House, January 15
December 6, 2012
The Shalom Center

Preparing the Ground for Fifty Great Days for the Earth: Churches Plan for UCC’s Mission 4/1 Earth
December 5, 2012
The Connecticut Conference United Church Center

Orthodox Leader Deepens Progressive Stance on Environment
December 3, 2012
New York Times

Hanukkah for Healing: The Green Menorah
December 3, 2012
The Shalom Center

For 8 days of Hanukkah, my True Love said to me: “Help save My Earth!”
December 3, 2012
The Shalom Center

Groundworks: Ecological Issues in Philosophy and Theology
November 2012

Some wish Islam would inform climate debate
December 1, 2012
By Associated Press

Emerging Force on Climate Change: Religion, Ecology, Ethics, and Morality
November 30, 2012
The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media

Quakers Oppose Hydrofracking in New York State and Beyond
November 28, 2012
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) Press Release

Stand Still for the Apocalypse
November 26, 2012

Walk Humbly and Live Joyfully on This Earth!
November 2012
Conference of Religious India (CRI)

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Gap Widening as Nations Head to Crucial Climate Talks in Doha
November 21, 2012
United Nations Environment Programme

Religion, science must unite to save environment
November 18, 2012
The Catholic Register

Visiting professors bridge religion, environmentalism
November 15, 2012
The Daily Princetonian

Faith Leaders Call for Statewide Fracking Ban at Spiritual Vigil at Grand Army Plaza Tonight
November 14, 2012

Sacred Natural Sites are critical sanctuaries for African biodiversity, culture and spirituality New
November 13, 2012
Africa Science News Service

Bolivia: Earth-worshippers in power, sort of
November 2012

World View of Global Warming: The Photographic Documentation of Climate Change, by Gary Braasch
November 2012

‘Earth Sabbath’ emphasizes care for the planet
November 9, 2012
The State Journal-Register

A Wild Love For the World, with Joanna Macy
November 1, 2012
American Public Media

Climate debate is based on religion
November 1, 2012

Green Festival, Green Hevra, Green Earth
October 26, 2012
The Shalom Center

SAFCEI South African Faith Communities Institute Newsletter
October 2012

Animal cruelty crimes should be treated with the same seriousness as crimes against humans, claims l
October 23, 2012
Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics

Cue the math: McKibben’s roadshow takes aim at Big Oil
October 18, 2012

Church support for community energy is vital tool in combatting fuel poverty, says Energy Secretary
October 18, 2012
The Church of England Press Release

TRUST Oregon Film Released as Oregon’s Court of Appeals Decides to Hear the Case
October 9, 2012
Our Children’s Trust

Prayer for the Air, Water, Earth, Fire of Our Planet
October 7, 2012
The Shalom Center

Bhutan aims to be first 100% organic nation
October 3, 2012

Editorial from Journal of Animal Ethics: Leading Animal Ethicists Call for Full Disclosure on Testin
October 2, 2012
Press Release

Proclamation on Native American Heritage Day by California Governor Jerry Brown
October 1, 2012
Indian Country Today Media Network

Oxford theologian calls for national animal cruelty offenders’ register
September 27, 2012
Independent Catholic News

Philosophy and Religion Department Chair Position Announcement
September 2012
California Institute of Integral Studies

God and mammals: In Kenya, religious leaders pray to thwart poaching
September 23, 2012
Christian Science Monitor

Environmental Satellite Cooperation Circle Announces 2012 Environmental Seed Grant Awards
September 21, 2012
United Religions Initiative

Spirituality holds the key to climate change, says UNEP-ROA Director
September 18, 2012
Africa Science News Service

Most Widely Ratified Treaty in UN History Marks Silver Jubilee
September 14, 2012
United Nations

Religious Ivory Demand Killing Elephants by Thousands, Report Says
September 14, 2012
National Geographic News

Opinion: How would Jesus vote?
September 13, 2012
Blue Ridge Press

SAFCEI South African Faith Communities Institute Newsletter
September 2012

National Council of Elders to release Greensboro declaration in three U.S. cities
September 11, 2012
Fellowship of Reconciliation

Lockdown on the Pipeline: How a Houston Businessman Helped Shut Down Keystone for a Day
August 31, 2012
Nation of Change

Newsletter of Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME)
August 2012

What Can Islam Do For The Environment? Lots, Actually…
August 27, 2012
Green Prophet

Eye on the Sparrow
August 2012
Sojourners magazine

Youth Appeals Climate Case: Iowa’s Supreme Court Is Asked To Combat The Climate Crisis
August 13, 2012
Our Children’s Trust Press Release

Native American Leaders Share Concerns About Sacred Sites
August 13, 2012

Anti-Glacier Prayer “Worked Too Well”—Vatican Approves New Ritual
August 11, 2012
National Geographic News

Churches speak out on Northern Gateway oil sands pipeline
August 7, 2012
The Canadian Press

Samye Ling opposes construction of plant on Holy Isle
July 31, 2012
Shambhala Sun Foundation

World Heritage Committee Decision on Selous Game Reserve Boundary Changes
July 30, 2012
Uranium-Network Press Release

“Zen Buddhist Temple in Pennsylvania Endangered by Natural Gas Fracking”: An open letter
July 26, 2012
Shambhala Sun Foundation

Convention moves to balance ‘environmental’ and ‘economic’ justice
July 20, 2012
Episcopal News Service

The Real Environmental Crisis: Lessons From the Green Patriarch
July 6, 2012
The Huffington Post

Sacred Site Research Newsletter
July 2012

Standing with Kivalina at the 77th General Convention
June 29, 2012
Episcopal News Service

Religion and Environmental Stewardship Symposium: “Roll up our sleeves, there’s work to be done.”
June 28, 2012
Yale University Notes from the Quad

Preachable Moments: Evangelical Christians and Climate Change
June 28, 2012
The Yale Forum on Climate Change & the Media

Green spirituality and the limits to modernity
June 26, 2012
Sustainable China

Maya Lin: A Memorial to A Vanishing Natural World
June 25, 2012
Yale Environment 360

Earth Charter and Rio 2012
June 2012
The Earth Charter Initiative

SGI Activities at Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development
June 22, 2012
Soka Gakkai International

Inclusive Green Economy Given Go Ahead by Heads of State at Rio+20
June 22, 2012
United Nations Environment Programme

Vatican position for Rio+20 conference: Beware of ‘green protectionism’
June 14, 2012
Catholic News Service

‘The Future We Want’: Christians speak out on Rio+20
June 13, 2012

For the Future of Our Planet, a Dialogue Between Generations
June 8, 2012
Huffington Post

Karmapa addresses Khoryug Conference on Environmental Protection
June 6, 2012
Shambhala Sun Foundation

World Remains on Unsustainable Track Despite Hundreds of Internationally Agreed Goals and Objectives
June 6, 2012
United Nations Environment Programme

Countdown Begins to World Environment Day 2012
May 30, 2012
United Nations Environment Programme

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