Indigenous peoples defend Earth’s biodiversity—but they’re in danger
November 16, 2018
National Geographic Society

In global climate, see the forest and trees
November 13, 2018
Global Sisters Report

Without traditional knowledge, there is no climate change solution
November 12, 2018
Conservation International Blog

Judge Blocks Keystone XL Pipeline, Says Climate Impact Can’t Be Ignored
November 9, 2018
Inside Climate News

On Election Day, let us renew our care for creation, common good
November 6, 2018
National Catholic Reporter

Iran to nominate Islamic capital of environment and sustainable development
November 4, 2018
Tehran Times

Jane Goodall Isn’t Giving Up
November 2, 2018
The Tyee

Indigenous spirituality key part of Parliament of World Religions
November 2, 2018
The Catholic Register

Indigenous poets read urgent climate message on a melting glacier
November 1, 2018

Painting with climate change message takes shape at MacEwan University’s Indigenous centre
October 31, 2018
Global News

Learning from Indigenous Knowledges and Lifeways
October 30, 2018
Earth Island Journal

Bishops from all continents urge ‘ambitious’ action on climate change
October 27, 2018

Forum on Religion and Ecology turns 20
October 23, 2018
Yale Divinity School

FERNS: The Graduate Journal on Environmental Stewardship
Fall 2018
Yale University

A path to resilience amid climate change
October 23, 2018
Global Sisters Report

Pennsylvania order asks Supreme Court to uphold its religious rights
October 22, 2018
Global Sisters Report

Taiwan indigenous musician sounds clarion call for cultural, environmental well-being
October 20, 2018
Taiwan Today

Aboriginal Rangers Face a Sisyphean Task: Waves of Trash
October 19, 2018
New York Times

‘Literally life and death’: Indigenous climate leaders critical of Canada’s response
October 17, 2018
Aboriginal Peoples Television Network

Eco-padyatra to Buddhist sites to focus on environment
October 17, 2018
Orissa Post

To Protect the Environment, Buddhist Monks Are Ordaining Trees
October 11, 2018

USU examines religion, environment with ‘God and Smog’ symposium
October 10, 2018
Herald Journal News

Catholics urge action as UN report forecasts climate crisis in coming decades
October 10, 2018
National Catholic Reporter

Ties of blood
October 9, 2018
Nation of Change

At Season of Creation’s end, know this: Climate change is here
October 4, 2018
National Catholic Reporter

Civil rights leader William Barber awarded MacArthur grant
October 4, 2018
The Guardian

Kenneth Kraft Obituary
October 4, 2018

Can Buddhism Help Fight Climate Change?
October 2, 2018
Pacific Standard

‘Guardians of the forest:’ Indigenous peoples come together to assert role in climate stability
October 2, 2018

Ritual + Sustainability Science? A Portal into the Science of Aloha
September 28, 2018

Vatican speaker: How Catholics can join pope’s climate ‘revolution’
September 27, 2018
Catholic San Francisco

Vatican must keep up its clear, inspiring leadership in climate crisis
September 24, 2018
National Catholic Reporter

Keeping the faith in conservation
September 20, 2018

Hear from people at the front lines of climate change
September 19, 2018

Seattle University Board Votes to Divest from Fossil Fuels
September 19, 2018
Seattle University

Despite crisis, activist says Catholics “still in” on climate change fight
September 17, 2018

Brown, Bloomberg (and Their Agenda) Face Protests at Climate Action Summit
September 14, 2018
Common Dreams

World leaders, faith groups gather for Global Climate Action Summit
September 12, 2018
National Catholic Reporter

19 more Catholic institutions divest from fossil fuel industry
September 11, 2018

Leaning Toward Interdependence: A Conversation with Mary Evelyn Tucker and Demo Rinpoche
September 11, 2018
Garrison Institute

Blessing of the Waves brings religions together this Sunday for one common love: the ocean
September 7, 2018
Orange County Register

Why Defending Indigenous Rights Is Integral to Fighting Climate Change
September 6, 2018
Common Dreams

Pope: Pray, act to protect clean water, guarantee access to it
September 4, 2018
National Catholic Reporter

Indigenous Activists Win “David vs. Goliath” Victory as Court Rejects Trans Mountain Pipeline
September 4, 2018
Democracy Now!

Sisters of Earth: hopes and dreams
September 3, 2018
Global Sisters Report

Pope calls for action on ‘emergency’ of plastics littering oceans
September 1, 2018

First Nations Celebrate Win Against Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion
August 31, 2018
Common Dreams

Buddhist Monks Battle to Save Cambodia’s Forests
August 31, 2018
Buddhist Door Global

Irish bishops announce divestment from fossil fuels ahead of the pope’s visit
August 25, 2018
Religion News Service

Green Hajj takes roots in Mecca: How devouts are working to reduce carbon footprints
August 24, 2018
Diligent Media Corporation

Catholic institutions commit to climate action
August 23, 2018
Yale Climate Connections

In Sicily, A Plague of Cancer Overwhelms an Oil Refinery Town
August 23, 2018
Yale Environment 360

Lessons Learned from Centuries of Indigenous Forest Management
August 20, 2018
Yale Environment 360

Indigenous Peoples’ Right To Land Can Help In Achieving Conservation Goals
August 17, 2018
Science Trends

Clergy divided as Kenya moves to save forest, evict 40,000 settlers
August 16, 2018
National Catholic Reporter

Should Rivers Have Rights? A Growing Movement Says It’s About Time
August 14, 2018
Yale Environment 360

Ecology monks in Thailand seek to end environmental suffering
August 13, 2018

Ecological Justice Tour in North Carolina
August 12-13, 2018
Center for Education, Imagination and the Natural World

Cardinal shares message of ‘Laudato Si’’ at Ghana World Youth Day event
August 8, 2018
National Catholic Reporter

This man powers his whole house, plus two cars, with the sun
August 8, 2018
Yale Climate Connections

New ‘Church of the Wild’ explores God through barefoot exploration of the outdoors
August 6, 2018
Washington Post

Myanmar’s indigenous people fight ‘fortress’ conservation
August 5, 2018

Caritas Philippines lights up poor communities with renewable energy
August 3, 2018
National Catholic Reporter

Canadian ecumenical document embraces Christian concern for environment
August 2, 2018
National Catholic Reporter

On Climate Change, Faith-Based Shareholders Take the Lead
August 2, 2018

Tribal Members Are Already Scrutinizing Keystone XL Environmental Review
August 1, 2018

Professor awarded grant for ground-breaking work on the Christian ethics of farmed animal welfare
July 26, 2018
University of Chester

“Amazon of the North”: Canada’s Boreal Forest Could Save the Planet
July 25, 2018
Natural Resources Defense Council

Ireland adopts 100-percent fossil fuel divestment strategy
July 19, 2018
By Sarah Mac Donald
National Catholic Reporter

Climate change: The moral case for Christian action
July 19, 2018
Christian Today

Vatican’s former legal chief says canon law should include care of creation
July 17, 2018
Catholic News Agency

Conservatives Must Join the Climate Change Conversation
July 13, 2018
Christian Post

Sisters mark anniversary of cornfield chapel symbolizing pipeline protest
July 10, 2018
Global Sisters Report

The world needs a change of heart on environmental issues, pope says
July 6, 2018
Catholic News Agency

‘Laudato Si’ Three Years Later: The US Response
July 5, 2018
National Catholic Register

Al Gore: Pope Francis a ‘moral force’ for solving climate crisis
July 4, 2018
Vatican News

Interreligious Response regarding Court Case on Endangered Species
July 3, 2018
Supreme Court of the United States

Major new research institute at Campion Hall
July 2, 2018
Jesuits in Britain

Leading Economist Champions Pope Francis’ ‘Laudato Si’
June 30, 2018
The Tablet

Catholic Energy Ethics: Commitments and Criteria
June 2018

Pope Francis challenges fossil fuel execs to act now
June 29, 2018
National Catholic Reporter

Climate change is a top spiritual priority for these religious leaders
June 26, 2018
Washington Post

Buddhism and ecologically-sustainable living
June 22, 2018
Tibet Sun

How Islam can represent a model for environmental stewardship
June 21, 2018
United Nations Environment Program

Pope Francis took the climate crisis to those who can fix it: oil and gas execs
June 19, 2018
The Hill

The week that was: world religious leaders confront climate disruption
June 19, 2018
By Rev. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas
Reviving Creation

Nearly 600 institutions back Catholic Climate Declaration
June 18, 2018
National Catholic Reporter

Gary Paul Nabhan’s Book Tour
June 18, 2018

An enormous workshop experience and reflection on Living Laudato Si’
June 15, 2018

Indonesia combines Islam with environmental activism
June 14, 2018
Deutsche Welle

Interfaith gathering celebrates water
June 13, 2018
Anglican Journal

Church leaders endorse Season of Creation in rare ecumenical joint letter
June 13, 2018
Anglican Communion News Service

ISKCON’s Govardhan Eco Village, Mumbai and Sacred Ecology Forum Hosts Global Conference
June 11, 2018
APN News

Pope urges oil companies to lead clean energy transition in unprecedented Vatican Conference
June 11, 2018

World Religious Leaders Confront Climate Crisis
June 11, 2018
By Jim Antal

Religious Leaders’ Symposium on Climate Crisis – A Few Takeaways
June 11, 2018
By Jim Antal

Pope Francis tells oil bosses world must reduce fossil fuel use
June 9, 2018
The Guardian

Pope Tells Oil Executives to Act on Climate: ‘There Is No Time to Lose’
June 9, 2018
New York Times

Ecological crisis caused by ‘human interference’
June 8, 2018

Big oil to meet with Vatican officials, Pope Francis
June 5, 2018
National Catholic Reporter

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