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Book Title:World War III: Population and the Biosphere at the End of the Millenium
Author(s):Tobias, Michael
Publisher Name:Bear and Company
Place of Publication:Santa Fe, N.M.
Date of Publication:1994
Annotation:Tobias labels the “unprecedented densification of human beings” as a kind of planetary World War III. In favor of global family planning strategies to reduce the universal total fertility rate, Tobias focuses on five bioregions (i.e., China, India, Indonesia, Africa, and the United States) in order to demonstrate the global need to restrain current environmentally destructive activities. Primarily contemplative in nature, the book also draws on the research of demographers, theologians, medical doctors, and historians, and concludes with twelve ethical suggestions for change that include vegetarianism, the end to all economic growth and beginning of true human development, and the need for a global EPA.
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