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Document Type(s):Journal Article
Article/Chapter Title:Is There an Islamic Environmentalism?
Journal Title:Environmental Ethics
Author(s):Foltz, Richard
Date of Publication:2000
Issue:no. 4
Annotation:Foltz briefly outlines the scriptural foundation for an Islamic environmentalism and proceeds directly into a critique of the Islam subsection of the World Religions and Ecology conferences held at Harvard Divinity School’s Center for the Study of World Religions. He finds the majority of Muslim scholars more focused on social rather than environmental injustices. Giving examples of environmental legislation implemented by the governments of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan in order to illustrate the Islamic tradition of aql (rational intelligence), Foltz contrasts this litigation with what he observes as unbalanced and passive responses of tawakkul (trust in Allah) to the present environmental crisis experienced by Muslims in other parts of the world.
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