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Document Type(s):Journal Article
Article/Chapter Title:The Violence of Non-violence: A Study of Some Jain Responses to Non-Jain Religious Practices
Journal Title:Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies
Author(s):Granoff, Phyllis
Date of Publication:1992
Annotation:Granoff discusses Jain objections to Buddhist religious practices such as the self-sacrifice of bodhisattvas that are based on the Jain notion of ahimsa. Through a verse by verse study of the Sravakaprajnapti as interpreted by Haribhadra, she demonstrates how he views any attempt to create exceptions regarding sin as a complete undermining of the entire moral structure of the society. The text is directed against orthodox Hindus, samsaramocakas (those whose duty it was to kill any unhappy creature), and Buddhists.
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