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Document Type(s):Book
Book Title:The Jungle and the Aroma of Meats
Author(s):Zimmerman, Francis
Publisher Name:University of California Press
Place of Publication:Berkeley, Calif.
Date of Publication:1987
Annotation:In this examination of the changing conceptions of the jungle from the Sanskrit jangala (dry or open lands) to the Hindi jangal (tangled or luxuriant vegetation), Zimmerman analyzes classical texts in order to trace the elaborate polarity between dry and wet lands that categorizes flora and fauna into a catalogue of knowledge in which “the world is seen as a sequence of foods.” Interpreting this system as an ecological form of knowledge that was essentially utilitarian in its focus on the medicinal properties of various foods, he discusses the various levels of knowledge it comprises: geography, zoology, botany, physiology, pharmacy, and cosmology.
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