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Document Type(s):Book Chapter
Book Title:Ethical Perspectives on Environmental Issues in India
Article/Chapter Title:Sovereignty, Equality, and the Global Environment
Editor(s):James, George A
Author(s):Singh, Shekar
Publisher Name:A.P.H. Publishing Corporation
Place of Publication:New Delhi
Date of Publication:1999
Annotation:In this brief article about the increasingly global scope of environmental awareness, Singh argues that global efforts to address ecological problems must proceed from “a world environment that is just and equitable,” in which cultural and biological diversity are valued, and nation states are respected as independent and accountable entities within the larger global community. Assessing first the global environmental agenda and then, more specifically, the agenda for India, Singh calls on northern countries to take responsibility for their role as the primary consumers of the planet’s resources and recommends that each nation develop its own environmental policies.
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