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Document Type(s):Book Chapter
Book Title:Deforestation: Social Dynamics in Watersheds and Mountain Ecosystems
Article/Chapter Title:The Chipko Movement
Editor(s):Ives, J; Pitt, D
Author(s):Shiva, Vandana; Banyopadhyay, J
Publisher Name:Routledge
Place of Publication:London
Date of Publication:1988
Annotation:An overview of the history, structure and strategies of the contemporary Chipko Movement, a growing grassroots effort, comprised mostly of women and originating in the Garhwal region of Uttar Pradesh in the early 1970s, to protect forests, cultures, and livelihoods from socially and ecologically destructive approaches to development. Growing out of the Gandhian tradition of Satyagraha, the Chipko movement is “the expression of an old social consciousness in a new context” (p 233), which, the authors suggest, can serve as a model for resolving conflicts over the management and distribution of natural resources around the globe.
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